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OrangeSoft helps launch OrangeSocial a Corporate Collaboration Web Tool to share and connect to "Network Smarter".

Provide freedom to Your Organization to Collaborate and Share Information

Your company has highly talented and intelligent people in your organization with no easy way to network, share information and interests, connect, and discover knowledge internally. Our mission is to help your business bridge that gap in order to add more value to your company. The collective knowledge of your company is worth an immeasurable amount, and OrangeSocial offers a medium to help you optimize that value while networking smarter. OrangeSocial will enable your resources to quickly and easily find the right people and the right information. Improving internal communications, sparking new connections, and helping make your smart people even more valuable are all factors that will exponentially drive value within your company.

OrangeSocial is a licensed and packaged product, developed by OrangeSoft Technologies, that offers solutions connecting people, products, and knowledge. OrangeSocial is a corporate and business social networking software that provides:

  • cutting-edge technology to rapidly configure corporate social networks
  • delivered via the software as a service model
  • industry leading consulting and support services

OrangeSocial provides a platform for employers and employees to collaborate, post, and share digital content. OrangeSocial gives exactly what you need to get your work done better and faster by providing greater power and control over your critical data and information than ever before. To learn more about the OrangeSocial Collaboration tool visit

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